COVID-19 Mobile Triage Units Protected by Sherwin-Williams


Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine customer, HHI Corporation, a military contractor who specializes in chemical and biological containment systems, based in Ogden, UT, has built Mobile Triage Units (MTUs) to combat COVID-19.



The prefabricated MTUs are modular and allow for quick installation inside or outside a variety of facilities where treatment of COVID-19 patients is taking place, such as hospitals, hotels or convention centers. The layout includes four patient rooms with three beds each, nurses’ stations and support equipment. Systems for the units include electrical systems powered by diesel generators or shore connections, ventilation systems with HEPA filtration and potable water/waste connections. Using six heavily modified shipping containers and one fabricated equipment skid, this system will be shipped in pieces and then assembled on-site.


Providing Protective Coatings



P&M representative, Jay Dixon, said, “After reviewing the mobile units’ environmental criteria, we talked with the applicator to see which products he felt comfortable using. Not only did we want to protect HHI’s assets, but we also wanted to provide a smooth, clean aesthetic.”


The mobile triage units are coated with Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy® 646 and Acrolon™ 218. Together, the products create a system that delivers the ultimate level of protection while being easy to apply. Macropoxy 646 is a high-build, fast-drying polyamide epoxy, and Acrolon 218 is a fast-drying acrylic polyurethane that provides color and gloss retention. These products help prevent corrosion, protect against UV damage and will help preserve the assets’ aesthetics for years.


How Can We Help?

“Our goal was to make sure we did not impede the work, so that HHI could get in and out of the paint booth in a timely manner,” said Dixon.



The coatings are applied to the existing shipping containers, which are blasted to meet SSPC-SP6 (a commercial blast cleaning standard), straightened and rebuilt with structural reinforcements. HHI is rebuilding the shipping containers for the MTU system roughly every three to five days. The first completed system is expected to ship out by the end of May 2020.


“When HHI came to us, it felt like a way we could help with the uncertainty and help those afflicted by the pandemic,” added Dixon.  “In this economic uncertainty, it feels good to support efforts that can lead to better health and comfort in a challenging time.”